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    Wenzhou Yuanen Fluid Equipment Co.,Ltd ,located at the Binhai Zone of Wenzhou Economic and Technology Zone ,it is the rare manufacturers of high preicision fluid equipments .And we focus closely on the international cooperation,introduced the advanced machining equipments abroad .

    The mainly products we produce are sanitary pumps ,sanitary valves,pneumatic reversing valve ,sanitary pipe fittings,sanitary pipes .They are widely used in food, beer, beverage ,dairy prouducts, cosmetic, pharmacy and biology engineering field .The products made with accordance with the standards of ISO,IDF,DIN and 3A.And the technology can compared to the international level in the same field ,the quality is comply with the requirements of GMP .

    We,YUY, believe that “the customers are our best inspectors,the market is the most impartial judge of enterprises.Our mission is to provide the good quality products with competitive price and satisfaction service for our customers .We believe that we will be much more powerful under the principle of scientific and technology innovation,social reseponsibility.We believe that our honest ,enthusiasm and the step forward will win your support .We are looking forward to starting coopertion ,and establish mutual-benefit relationship with our customers ,and reach win-win .

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Sanitary Safety Valve

Our company produce safety valves,adjustable valve with various structures,widely
used in food,beverage,dairy products,beer and so on .
Working principle
This sery safety valve is to adjust the spring compression nut to calibrate a particular pressure .The calibration of pressure is to fix the maximum pressure to avoid the quipement damage .In the normal working operating pressure ,the valve is closed ;when the system pressure exceeds the calibrated pressure ,the valve is closed ;whne the system presure exceeds the calibrated pressure ,the valve is open .The pressure in the piping system being released ,so as to protect the pipe system and the equipment .The valve is with start the open device for the CIP cleaning of the safety valve and the piping .

The safety valve is a special valve through a rigorous calibration,but to make the valve more realistic operating conditions,so the conditions should be as much as possible the scene of the valve and then parity .


▲with simple structure,good shape ,fast to adjust the pressure ,easy to maintenance
▲Pressure contronl is adjustable ,and can be adjusted in the safety range .
▲The valve body made of stainless steel can bear acid ,the surface is bright and clean ,the sealing made of food rubber ,comply with the sanitary regulations.
▲When install,we can not reverse the flow of fluid input .


▲working pressure:≤6bar
▲pressure contronl range :0.5~6bar
▲Norminal diameter:DN25~DN50
▲sealing:food rubber
▲medium temperature:-10℃~+120℃
▲medium: liquid material,gas

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